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We are a company based in Denmark, founded by Natascha Rode. Under her leadership, we have successfully organized weddings since 1992 in Denmark. The positive reports in various German newspapers (Süddeutsche, Hamburger Abendblatt, TAZ, etc.) you may already be known. The great demand among the population have shown us that our concept was the right and is still continues.

We are committed to our reputation and we can take on special requests feasible!

Ms. Rode knows the problems of a marriage of bi-national couples in Germany - even in difficult cases - and we are therefore in a position to cater to your specific needs and to advise you accurately. Due to our good relations with the Danish authorities and civil registries, as well as our good 0rtskenntnisse and perfect mastery of the Danish language, we can make your wedding a unique experience, and do so according to your wishes.

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