Legalization Services

We also offer a legalization service if you need your marriage certificate outside the EU, USA, Australia or New Zealand, or if the German authorities require exceptionally legalization / apostille of the marriage certificate. We control for the administrative procedures in Denmark and which you can choose how fast we can perform the legalization process for you. Because we are based in Denmark, we have the opportunity themselves to the authorities who present themselves to be.

If the marriage certificate outside the EU, Switzerland, USA, Australia or New Zealand, or NOT all countries joined the Hague Convention is required, it must be legalized by the following authorities in Denmark:

1) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2) The respective embassy of the country

Our prices and processing times for the legalization service:

Processing Time Apostille from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Complete legalization by the Foreign Ministry and the relevant embassy
Standard processing
2-3 weeks
€ 195/- € 379/-
Flash editor
2-3 days
€ 485/- € 685/-

Normal processing time:

First Apostille:
If you need an authentication or legalization with Apostille, the procedure takes approximately 1-3 weeks. Service fee: 195 € incl charge of the State Department.

Second For countries which are signatories to the Hague Convention NOT:
If you need a complete legalization including the embassy of the country, The procedure takes approximately 3 -5 weeks. Service fee: 379 € including fees of the Foreign Ministry and the embassy of the country.

Flash editor:
If for any reason you want a faster processing, we can personally perform all the authorities legalization in about 2-3 days. Because this is very time consuming but the prices are higher.

First Apostille
Service fee: 485 € including fees of the State Department

Second Legalization for countries that DO NOT have joined the Hague Convention:
Service fee: 685 € including fees of the Foreign Ministry and the embassy of the respective country

All prices include fees of the State Department, the embassy and the shipping costs. The marriage certificate is basically returned only by registered letter to you (takes about 2-5 days within the EU). If you would like us to send back the legalized marriage certificate by courier mail, cost about 60 € extra fee for DHL or FedEx. The courier delivers the letter within 24 hours to your doorstep.

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