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Express Wedding will help to avoid the German bureaucracy and makes you marry quickly and easily! You can leave in the morning and come back in the evening to Denmark married.

German authorities have established offices and heavy bureaucracy. This is especially true for mixed marriages between German and non-German partners, but also for German and couples wishing to marry. In Denmark, everything is easier, faster and less bureaucratic. You can save hundreds of dollars by not need to apply for translation and legalization with Apostille.

We perform all administrative arrangements for you (and, if desired for your celebrations) and give you a short term for the wedding date. If you want to give up even one night celebration in Denmark is required! The closed in Denmark marriage is legal in Germany!

Express Wedding offers the following services for our customers.

Advice and wedding date

It contains all information about the course of your marriage. We can explain all the necessary documents and valid for travel. Your wedding date is mediated by us and posted. Your application will be evaluated on completeness.

Wedding service

If you can not bring friends or relatives to Denmark or want, we provide you with 2 witnesses available.

Hotel and restaurant reservations

Through our experience and good 0rtskenntnisse we are in a position to reserve their wishes and Vortellungen appropriate hotel and restaurant.

Special requests

Would you like to get married in an unusual 0RT ( On the lake or the beach ) ? 0r you want to be driven by limousine to the courthouse? We have (almost) everything is possible!

Route planning

You will receive detailed directions from your home to the wedding venue and hotel / restaurant.

Information and Tips

You receive after your wedding in Denmark from us information about necessary Amtergänge in Germany.

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